Real time bidding

RTB (Real-time bidding) is a modern technology that provides advertisers with the opportunity to evaluate advertising spaces and purchase them, making bets, and also set personal value for a specific visitor

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How it works?

RTB was conceived as a fresh solution - a workflow for modern features based on the expansion of data advertising


Modern advertising markets offer advertisers easy access to more than ever advertising sites


Thanks to the dissemination of data, advertisers can learn maximum information about users


RTB technology appeared at the intersection of demand for advertising platforms and audience information. This is a method for managing and processing this feature


RTB contributes to increased productivity for advertisers, increasing the usefulness and relevance of advertising for consumers, and increasing earnings for partners

  • User enters the page
  • A request for a demonstration of advertising
  • After making a decision on the possibility of displaying advertising, a bet is made
  • Start auction bids
  • Demonstrated advertising, which took the top in the auction
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REDMOBI assists advertisers in evaluating, bidding and optimizing the level of advertising demonstration in the “real time” mode, acting as a single source for aggregating a lot of information about users and pools of advertising space

Lack of transparency

As a result of the arbitration practices of traditional advertising networks (buying up advertising for resale), information about the location and cost of advertising places has ceased to be transparent


Subsequently, the formation of a mass of advertising exchanges and networks arose the phenomenon of advertising fragmentation


DSP, being the central components of the RTB concept, appeared to give advertisers more opportunities to achieve transparency and control

REDMOBI DSP (Demand-Side Platform)

The REDMOBI Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a platform that allows buyers to bid using the dynamic bidding system, as well as optimize media buying opportunities on various advertising exchanges simultaneously

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User interface

The user interface gives customers the ability to make quick bets, optimize them, manage multiple campaigns without any difficulty, and instantly receive reports on all advertising sources


Redmobi DSP provides integration with Data Exchange and DMP (Data Management Platform) auditor data providers, advertising exchanges, as well as various technological platforms of RTB system

Real time auction

The auction consolidates information from a colossal number of advertising sources, allowing buyers to evaluate and place bids on available advertising shows in real time


Advertisers and centralized purchasing systems These are premium players who use the DSP system as their own technology platform to purchase advertising space

Service teams Individual DSPs use teams that act as traders and manage advertising campaigns on behalf of agencies and advertisers

Advertising Networks Individual advertising networks use DSP platforms to supplement their personal advertising space

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Buyers get absolute control and the ability to apply their experience and knowledge, instead of relying solely on advertising networks and other media partners

Improved performance

Buyers have access to serious opportunities that allow you to change rates based on the expected income from a particular show

Optimal efficiency

The use of more rational algorithms during the purchase of advertising indicates the efficiency of the workflow

Data access

Buyers have flexible access to a variety of sources of information for effective targeting, as well as access to a huge number of advertising sites to expand coverage

Ssp platform

REDMOBI offers a unique comprehensive solution to all-in-one monetization for mobile developers. For this we use the modern SSP platform

Make your sites as profitable as possible. Monetize traffic immediately on all devices

  • Big profits
  • High occupancy rate
  • Transparency and absolute control
  • Direct advertisers, home advertising, sales on RTB

The REDMOBI platform optimizes ad impressions in auto mode - taking into account numerous factors. This significantly increases the effectiveness of advertising and guarantees revenue growth for the developer


REDMOBI supports all modern advertising formats: Interactive advertising formats, Native formats, Video advertising, Floating banners, MMA & IAB formats (including IAB for tablets), Expandable formats

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Innovative SDK

Full control over advertising on any platforms:

  • iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • Android (Smartphone & Tablet)
  • JavaScript Ad Tag for mobile and desktop sites

Easy integration. Extensive mediation and customization options

Real-time statistics and reports

Real-time monitoring:

  • Regular reports according to the schedule
  • Detailed reports for advertisers
  • Tracking clicks, impressions, revenue and many other parameters for all advertising placements
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