privacy policy

The proposed privacy policy was created specifically to demonstrate our continued commitment to providing user security. The following explains the practice of collecting and disseminating information for this site.

personal information

Redmobi Ad Service collects user names, IP addresses, email addresses and other relevant information. This data is used to simplify the sale and purchase of advertising and links on the Internet. We will not pass on private information to third parties or use it for other purposes (other than those defined here) in the absence of a corresponding request from law enforcement agencies or the need to transfer information in a judicial order.


This resource uses cookies to manage sessions. Detailed information about the features of their use are available in the "Session Management" section.

Session management

Each page of this web resource uses form elements and / or cookies to ensure a continuous user session. The above files and / or elements may contain a unique identifier that corresponds to the session of the browser you are using. The cookie technology can be used to provide the user with personalized information from a website. A cookie is an item of data that can be sent to the user's browser and then saved by the browser to the user system. You have the ability to configure your browser using the cookie notification function. This way, you can, in each case, allow or reject the receipt of cookies. On this site, cookies are directly used by our ad management system, and in some cases by advertisers, using third-party advertising solutions. In addition, cookies are used for:

  • ad tracking
  • content settings (for example, to block pop-up repeats).
  • storage of registration information
  • statistical monitoring of traffic on the website;


In order to protect against misuse, loss, or alteration of information, this site uses appropriate security measures controlled by us. Access to log files stored on the server is restricted by system administrators. The mentioned files are systematically updated and archived in a protected place. All credit card information is pre-encrypted before transmission via the network (40-bit SSL encryption is used). Redmobi Ad Service meets all standards and requirements regarding access to information.


Redmobi Ad Service complies with all regulatory requirements regarding access to information. If you have any questions about this policy.