About company

REDMOBI is an advertising network that provides advertisers with a platform for placing mobile advertising on developer sites. Our goal is to provide advertisers with the best tool for effectively investing in project advertising, as well as give developers the opportunity to increase the profitability of their sites thanks to our advertising tools.

We use the latest technology of audience analysis and targeting, which allows you to organize advertising campaigns in the mobile Internet with highly profitable investments and implement large-scale strategies to reach and attract users.

REDMOBI provides partners with effective business monetization options. We are always ready to cooperate with social networks, websites, mobile applications, video providers and other sites. Among the advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • Guaranteed quality due to continuous monitoring and disabling unprofitable sites;
  • Placement of top quality advertising from leading advertisers;
  • Full compensation in case of confirmed fraud;
  • Assistance in installing ad units and high-quality technical support;
  • Ability to customize themes for broadcast advertising campaigns.